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Improving the Management of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in Care Homes

By Emma Randle, Clinical Studies Officer (CSO) at The National Centre for Mental Health, The Barberry, Birmingham on Jun 04, 2018

In this blog post, Emma Randle, who is the Clinical Studies Officer (CSO) at The National Centre for Mental Health, The Barberry, Birmingham, reflects on the MEDREV study, which was led by Dr Ian Maidment, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy at Aston University. The study tested the feasibility of staff training (for care home staff and GPs) and medication review (by specialist pharmacists) to limit inappropriate prescribing of psychotropics for Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in people with dementia in care homes.


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Getting to the nub of the issue: Involving people who are living with dementia

By Anna Volkmer, Speech and Language Therapist/NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, University College London on May 22, 2018

Anna completed her undergraduate speech and language therapy degree at UCL, in 2002, before embarking on a career working in neurological conditions, such as dementia. In this blog post, she outlines how patient and public involvement has strengthened her PhD project.


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East Midlands showcase their research muscles in Research in Ageing Network Discussion Paper

By Chris Craig, Research in Ageing Network Coordinator, Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) East Midlands on Feb 21, 2018

Turning the spotlight on care home research happening across the East Midlands, Chris Craig discovers the breadth of research expertise in the region. 


Taking part in research - What's in it for the Care Homes?

By Fawn Harrad, ENRICH Facilitator, NIHR West Midlands on Nov 16, 2017

Exploring why care homes should engage in research, and how staff & residents benefit


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My experience of Research and the REACH Study

By Carinna Uy, Staff Nurse, Kineton Manor Nursing Home on Oct 10, 2017

In this blog post, Carinna UY, Senior Nurse from Kineton Manor Nursing Home in Warwick, speaks with ENRICH West Midlands Facilitator Fawn Harrad about her experience of taking part in a local study



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