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Care Home Research in the East Midlands

By Clare Litherland on Oct 21, 2015

Opening the EnRICH doors to Care Homes across the East Midlands has been a quiet revolution.


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Understanding Dementia: A Granddaughter’s Tale

By Riona McArdle on Oct 19, 2015

My grandmother died when I was eighteen years old, having been diagnosed with Alzehimer’s Disease several years beforehand. I did not see her much as her dementia started to progress; I believe it would have been a landmine of confusion for both of us. 


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Recruiting care homes into research studies

By Danni Collingridge Moore on Oct 15, 2015

Improving care in care homes is a national and international priority. I truly believe that a good quality evidence base is key to advocating change, and this isn’t going to happen without care homes being involved in research. 


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Understanding care home research

By Francesca LaFrenais on Oct 05, 2015

Care home research has traditionally been considered too difficult, and perhaps unnecessary, but while there are challenges to working in this sector, it can be very rewarding. I have reflected on my own experiences working as a researcher in this environment.


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Getting to grips with care home research

By Martin Rossor on Oct 02, 2015

The ‘Enabling Research in Care Home (ENRICH)’ toolkit provides information and guidance for researchers, care home staff and residents and supports research in care homes to improve the quality of life and care for all care home residents, especially those with dementia.