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Research Design Service in Yorkshire shares Carehome PPI Guidance

Jan 11, 2015 by Adam Smith

Involving careome owners, manager, staff, residents and family memembers is essential in the deisgn of high quality, deliverable care home research.

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Care Home Research findings - Probiotics for Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea (PAAD) Study

Dec 15, 2014 by Victoria Shepherd

We are delighted that the final report for the Probiotics for Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea (PAAD) Study has now been published. ENRICH has provided support to tehe study, and we are now pleased to be able to share the findings of the study with members, and any other interested organisations.

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Stroke Research in Nottingham shows how NHS can help improve care

Nov 21, 2014 by Adam Smith

The results of a stroke research study were announced last week coinciding with World Stroke Day. A large international clinical trial largely delivered by Clinical Research Network: stroke, has shed new light on the effectiveness of current hospital protocols for managing blood pressure in stroke patients.

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New Research - manage scabies in care homes

Oct 22, 2014 by Adam Smith

Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin. The main symptom of scabies is intense itching that's worse at night. It also causes a skin rash on areas where the mites have burrowed. A particularly unpleasant condition, which can further discomfort and cause agitation for those with dementia.

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Research meets practice – free dementia research event

Oct 07, 2014 by Felicity Ward

The Alzheimer’s Society and Healthcare Management Trust are hosting an afternoon conference bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in dementia research, to discuss latest research developments and encourage networking. We still have a few places available at the conference, which is free to attend to anyone with an interest in caring for people with dementia in care homes.

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Dementia UK update information for carers

Oct 01, 2014 by Adam Smith

Family carers and people with dementia are at the heart of everything that Dementia UK does. They provide Admiral Nurses, specialist dementia nurses who give practical and emotional support to families affected by dementia.

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