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Funding to improve the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes

There are currently approximately 400,000 care home residents in the UK. The complexity and challenges of providing healthcare to care home residents are distinctly different from other care contexts, since complex interventions, such as exercise for falls prevention, and quality improvement methods that work in other health institutional settings, might not always be transferable to a care home setting. Thus, the care sector requires data to understand the health requirements of their residents and the services that enable them to live and die well.

The NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) programme aims to produce rigorous and relevant evidence on the quality, access, and organisation of health and social care services, including costs and outcomes to improve health and social care services. It is focused on research to support decisions by frontline managers, professionals, and clinical leaders on the appropriateness, quality, and cost-effectiveness of care.

A robust minimum dataset with comprehensive coverage of residents and care homes would enable research to be more inclusive and results to be more generalisable. Furthermore, research into models for collaboration, and research to evidence the uses, content, requirements for data providers and users and resourcing of a minimum dataset are required.

The programme is therefore currently accepting stage 1 applications to their researcher-led workstream: 18/11 Improving the participation and conduct of health services research in nursing and care homes at scale.

The closing date for applications is 1pm, 10 May 2018.
For more information please see the Funding Opportunities page of the NIHR website.

author: Lakshini Mendis

Written by Lakshini Mendis on Friday April 27, 2018
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