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Request for information: Models that support care providers being actively involved in research

In order to improve care for people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s Society is committed to funding care research, as well as supporting the translation of research into practice to help close the gap between the production and utilisation of knowledge.

Alzheimer's Society is currently scoping ideas for the launch of a funding call later this year, to explore different models for enabling enhanced care provider roles in research, in order to facilitate successful implementation.

In order to help them design the funding specification for this call, Alzheimer's Society would greatly appreciate any information on current existing models. If you are involved in, or aware of any models that are currently in practice, or have any ideas that you would be interested in developing, they are really interested in hearing from you.

If you are able to input information, please reply to this email and if possible, include in your response a short summary of the following:

  • how the collaboration works,
  • what benefits you think the enhanced role of the care provider brings,
  • what the expected outcomes are,
  • an estimate of the costs.

Alzheimer's Society welcomes comments from both academic researchers and care providers. Please send your responses by 10 August 2018.

For further information (or to discuss your feedback over the telephone) please get in touch with Nicola Hart, the Research Translation Manager at Alzheimer's Society, at N.Hart@alzheimers.org.uk (email) or 0207 423 5105 (telephone).

author: Lakshini Mendis

Written by Lakshini Mendis on Monday July 30, 2018
Category: Setting up a study - Tags: alzheimers, carehomeresearch, dementia, funding

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