Residents, family and public

Research is not just for researchers. The public can be involved too. The best interests of care home residents are at the centre of all research in this sector.

As a resident, carer, family member or as a member of the public you can help research. You can participate in a study, you can give your views or you can actively get involved in shaping future research.

Every member of the public diagnosed with some form of illness, dementia or neurodegenerative disease should have the opportunity to participate in research, irrespective of where they live. This website is designed to help researchers and care homes prepare and deliver more research in care homes and increase the opportunities available for residents to become involved. This site only provides a basic amount of information for residents, family members and carers. More information can be found using the links on the side of each page.

Residents, carers, family members and the public can be involved:

  • By volunteering to take part in a research study that interests you
  • As a member of the public working with research professionals and clinicians to help shape research and influence research priorities.

“It is so important for people to get involved in research. The main benefit of taking part is the opportunity to contribute to something which may help others. If people don’t take part in research then we can’t improve treatments for future generations.”

Alistair Taylor, former research manager for Bath Royal United Hospital