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Namaste Care Intervention UK: Delivering Excellent Care Every Day for People Living with Advanced Dementia

The Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester is looking for people in care home settings working with people with dementia, who have experience or interest in “Namaste Care” - a care approach for people living with advanced dementia in long term care settings. The Association would like volunteers to take part in a short online survey as part of a research project funded by the Alzheimer’s Society. This is to gather information about how "Namaste Care" is currently practiced in the UK. 

Written by on Tuesday December 6, 2016
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Invitation for University of Worcester accredited double module “Advanced Practice in delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care”

The University of Worcester is inviting applicants to their accredited double module “Advanced Practice in delivering Person-Centred Dementia Care”. This masters-level module is aimed at staff who have responsibility for practice development in or with care homes and extra care housing. This is the first ever course to train professionals to deliver the Focused Intervention Training and Support (FITS) programme which is a proven way of effectively delivering psycho-social care in care homes and supported housing in response to complex needs and behaviours.

Written by Andrea Fisher on Wednesday September 7, 2016
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