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Research Opportunity: Isolation and loneliness for people with sight loss in care homes (the INSIGHT Study)

It is estimated that over half of older people living in care homes have some form of sight loss. Research shows that people with sight loss are at greater risk of social isolation and loneliness than their sighted peers. Admission to residential care has also been found to be correlated with isolation and loneliness in older people. However, evidence to support delivery of good practice in preventing, recognising, and addressing isolation and loneliness for people with sight loss in care homes is limited.

Written by Lakshini Mendis on Wednesday May 16, 2018
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Loneliness 'may affect the immune system'

"Being lonely won't just make you miserable; it could also suppress your immune system and knock years of your life," the Daily Mail reports. 

This headline was prompted by a laboratory study in humans and rhesus macaque monkeys, which aimed to investigate if there were biological mechanisms associated with isolation that could also be associated with the risk of chronic disease or early death.

Written by NHS Choices on Wednesday November 25, 2015
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PhD Student Research suggests care home residents want more time with staff to beat loneliness

Research conducted by a PhD Student at the University of Bedfordshire suggested that more than 80 per cent of older people with mental health problems, who were asked the question, have admitted to feeling lonely in their care home and long for staff to spend time with them.

Written by www.carehome.co.uk on Friday October 2, 2015
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