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Update on research

Recent activity in the research field affecting the care home environment includes prioritising research, a study investigating if probiotics can reduce infections and looking at the issue of consent for research involving people lacking mental capacity.

Written by Andrea Fisher on Wednesday November 23, 2016
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Sharing research findings - from the care home to the corridors of power

When a researcher leaves a care home after gathering the information they need, this may be the end of the research for the staff and residents, but it is just the beginning of the next stage of the process for the researcher – analysing and sharing their findings.

Written by Julie Watson, Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia at the University of Edinburgh on Monday November 21, 2016
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Giving care homes the opportunity to be involved in research

I first dipped my toe into the world of research almost 10 years ago when conducting a randomised control trial investigating infection control in care homes. We were specifically looking at MRSA infection rates in care homes, when MRSA was an extremely hot topic in the media.

Written by Danielle Wilson, Interim Clinical Research Domain Lead, Cognitive Impairment and Dementia, Clinical Trials Facility Manager – West London Mental Health Trust on Monday September 19, 2016
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The importance of research into Care Homes

When people think of research they often think of clinical trials and scientists in white coats in laboratories, but social and technological research is equally important. Research into the best ways to care for people is paramount as current standards often fall short of the ideal. This is often due to, in the past, low pay and low public esteem as to the work that goes on in care homes.

Written by Wendy Mitchell, Join Dementia Research Champion on Friday July 29, 2016
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6th Nottingham ENRICH Forum

The 6th Nottingham ENRICH Forum took place on 22 July 2016, with the theme of "Delivering High Quality Care in Care Homes". The Forum event was chaired by Adam Gordon, Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine of Older People, University of Nottingham. Topics included work, funded by the East Midlands Academic Health Sciences Network Patient Safety Collaborative, to benchmark and report the prevalence of common care problems in UK care homes using internationally validated measures.

Written by on Friday July 29, 2016
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Yorkshire and Humber ENRICH Research Advisory Group

The Yorkshire and Humber ENRICH team have recently set up a Research Advisory Group to enhance patient and public involvement in the development of research projects. The group consists of older people from a range of backgrounds who live at a care home and assisted living facility in York. To date, the group have met twice and have already provided valuable feedback for PhD student projects. In addition, members of the group have also taken part in a focus group for researchers from the University of Sheffield who are developing a funding bid for a study looking at interventions to reduce social isolation and loneliness in care homes. They are also helping us pilot our online research training course for care home staff – URiCH (Understanding Research in Care Homes).

Written by Deborah Hukins on Thursday July 28, 2016
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