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Better Care & Ageing Well (South East)

Are you interested in a career in care? Do you want to know how rewarding social care can be? Then take a look at these videos.

Thursday 23rd March 2023

The Better Care Fund has recently funded the South East Better Care team to work with social care partners to develop Care as a Career, a series of animations exploring pathways to working in social care.

In 2022, the number of Adult Social Care vacancies increased by 52% in a year – the highest rate on record[1] – which has had a significant impact on health and social care services, as well as those being cared for.

This series of animations explores the journeys, possibilities and opportunities for those working in care as a career, and how social care can be rewarding in more ways than you might imagine.

Each of the animations tells a story of how caring can provide a foundation to careers across health and care through five unique real-life carers’ journeys: