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British Society of Gerontology Care Homes Research Special Interest Group Inaugural Symposium

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British Society of Gerontology Care Homes Research Special Interest Group Inaugural Symposium

The British Society of Gerontology share the outputs from the inaugural Care Homes Research SIG symposium. They also set out plans for a future symposia.

Wednesday 29th July 2020

“We were delighted that so many of you were able to attend our (virtual!) inaugural symposium earlier this month. Recordings of the four presentations from the symposium (along with other presentations from the British Society of Gerontology’s annual conference) are now available to view on the BSG’s YouTube channel:

A direct link to the recording of our symposium can be found here:

·         Christine Brown-Wilson’s opening presentation about our Special Interest Group (‘Partnership working in care homes research: the role of the SIG’) is at the start of the recording.

·         Christina Bryant’s presentation (‘Pleasant Activities for Wellbeing ‘PAW’: Using behavioural activation to reduce depression in residential aged care’) begins at around 10:54 into the recording.

·         Chris Albertyn’s presentation (‘STAND: Sativex® for the Treatment of AgitatioN in Dementia’) begins at around 30:00 into the recording.

·         Stephanie Green’s presentation (‘Supporting the care home community through research during pandemic and beyond’) beings at around 56:13 into the recording.


In the symposium, we also had some group discussions about what people want from the Care Homes Research SIG, going forwards. A summary of the suggestions that came out of these discussions can be found on our website:

We hope to run more of these themed, online symposia in the future, with each symposium comprising a couple of short talks plus time for discussion.  Ideas for the themes of future symposia include: mental capacity and consent; ethics and research governance; supporting physical activity in care homes; and overcoming covid-related barriers to care homes research. Please do get in touch if you have any other ideas for themed symposia that you would be interested in attending, and/or if you would be interested in contributing a talk to one of these symposia.”