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Two leading clinicians offer an insight into the work of the care homes vanguards – Dan Cowie and Lesley Bainbridge

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The national new care models programme brings together local health and care systems as vanguards to radically redesign care for the local populations they serve. As part of this work, NHS England has set out details of the framework – what good looks like – for enhanced health in care homes. A lead nurse and a GP from the Gateshead Care Home Project vanguard provide an insight into their work and the role they play in this new model of care.

Written by www.england.nhs.uk on Thursday November 3, 2016
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Dementia in the future: what’s in store for our children?

A new analysis has estimated that for every child born this year, one in three can be expected to develop dementia during their lifetime. The finding is revealed on World Alzheimer’s Day, a date that sees people around the globe raise awareness of dementia, and the statistic goes a long way to demonstrate the scale

Written by Kirsty Marais - www.dementiablog.org on Monday September 21, 2015
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