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Call for Applications for Developing Research Leaders Awards

“The NIHR School for Social Care Research (NIHR SSCR) invites Stage 1 applications to support individuals to develop their careers as research leaders in adult social care research in England. This is part of NIHR SSCR’s commitment to build research capacity in adult social care.

Stage 1 Applications received by 16.30 on Tuesday 5 July 2022 will be considered by the NIHR SSCR’s Commissioning Panel. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a Stage 2 interview and presentation in early September 2022. Institutions are not limited to one application.

Applicants are asked to provide an intention to submit by 16.30 on Tuesday 21 June 2022. This is to support NIHR SSCR in estimating the number of applications and does not commit any individual to submit an application.”

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The Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR) Programme is accepting stage one applications to this funding opportunity.

The programme aims to commission high quality, well designed research which will be carried out by effective and efficient research teams, providing findings which meet the needs of NHS and Social Care managers and leaders.

Closes: 13:00 on 19 July 2022

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“The Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR) Programme is accepting stage one applications to this funding opportunity.

The Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR) Programme is calling for research to evaluate the effectiveness, implementation, and impact of social care needs assessment in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Programme wants to fund research which will support improvements in timely, appropriate, holistic, and transparent social care needs assessments, which in turn will lead to improved support for those needing social care services. The programme is therefore, interested in receiving applications for cross-UK studies including natural experiments, aiming to produce generalisable and actionable findings. The main aim of this call is to deliver an evaluation of implementation, variation of practice and experiences of social care needs assessments.”

The call closes: 13:00 on 19 July 2022

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“About the event

The NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) is offering this online event aimed at those who want to develop and submit a research funding application to one of the NIHR funding programmes.

The event will provide information on:

  • targeting the right NIHR funding stream
  • support available to help you develop your funding application, include the support available from the RDS, NHS, NIHR Clinical Research Network and Clinical Trials Units
  • the experience of applying for NIHR funding from a successful applicant.

Who should attend

This event is aimed at professionals and researchers in the NHS, public health and social care, as well as academics from universities across England.


10.00 am – Welcome and introduction – Mark Gabbay, Associate Director, Research Design Service North West (RDS NW).

10.10 am – Targeting the right NIHR funding stream –  Dr Steven Lane, Adviser, RDS NW.

10.35 am – Applying for NIHR funding, the experience of a successful NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) applicant – Dr Kathryn Scott, Senior Grant Writer, University of Liverpool.

10.50 am – Patient and Public Involvement (PPI), the experience of a successful PGfAR applicant – Mrs Lynn Hedgecoe, Public co-applicant.

11.05 am – Questions and answer session with the presenters.

11.15 am – Break.

11.30 am – The Research Design Service (RDS) Public involvement Funds (PIF) – Dr Stuart Oultram, Specialist PPI adviser, RDS NW.

11.40 am – How can the Research Design Service help you with your application – Dr Kenny Finlayson, Adviser, RDS NW.

11.50 am – Other support available:

  • NIHR Clinical Research Network – TBC
  • Clinical Trials Units – Ben Hardwick, Supervising Trials Manager, Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre, University of Liverpool
  • NHS R&D – Stacey Carruthers, SPARK.

12.15 pm – Summary and final questions.

12.30 pm – End of session.

Download a PDF of the programme here.

Date and time: 10 March 2022, 10.00 am to 12.30 pm – online event


To attend this event, please register here.”

“This scheme aims to enable the retention of early career researchers in dementia research or to address particular pinch points in their career path.

The scheme may be used to cover funding gaps, or to complete a key piece of work for a publication. Early career researchers must justify how funds will enable them to continue to develop their careers in dementia research, and must present a concrete plan to secure further, longer-term funding (e.g., fellowship or project grant).

Provided to cover salary, staff members, animals, running costs (consumables, travel etc.) or any combinations of these.

Duration: Up to 6 months (up to 12 months part time). The duration can be extended where there is a co-funding arrangement in place.

Grant deadline: Friday 29 April 2022″

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“The Health and Social Care Delivery Research (HSDR) Programme aims to produce rigorous and relevant evidence to improve the quality, accessibility and organisation of health and social care services. The HSDR Programme is accepting stage two applications to the following funding opportunities:

The Retreat will provide a supportive environment for teams of two or three people, to develop high quality NIHR RfSC research proposals. It is encouraged (but not essential for attendance at the Retreat) that a member of the wider research team is a social care professional employed in England. Successful applicants will be offered a free place at the retreat which will include food and accommodation*. 

The retreat will take place on 23-25 March 2022 at Castle Green Hotel, Kendal

For anyone interested in applying to the retreat please complete an expression of interest by 7 December 2021.

Deadline for receipt of application forms 14 January 2022.

For more details click here 

The NIHR Programme Development Grants (PDG) social care call seeks research proposals that address the challenges and aim to improve the evidence base for adult social care (including the transition from children’s to adult services). PDGs are available to carry out preparatory work to develop a future Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) research application on adult social care. They can also be obtained to further develop an existing or ongoing programme of research to explore social care perspectives arising from the programme.

Applications to the PDG social care call should be made with the support of an NHS body or other provider of NHS services in England. If an application is successful, a contract will be placed with that organisation for delivery of the research. All funds for the research will be paid to the NHS organisation or other provider of NHS services to administer and distribute to the collaborating organisations.

Deadline for proposals: 24 November 2021

Find out more here.

NIHR RfSC research is expected to have a high degree of involvement from relevant users of social care and social care practitioners throughout the research.

RfSC welcomes high quality proposals from researchers and practitioners which are focused on:

  • Social care needs and relevant outcomes (which could be quality of life, social or health care related, as appropriate to the study, population etc.)
  • Developing a more robust evidence base for current ways of working
  • Developing and evaluating new ways of delivering social care
  • Secondary data analysis, record linkage and reviews
  • Research methods development
  • Care users’ and carers’ circumstances and needs
  • Those who deliver social care including unpaid carers and the staff and professionals involved in the delivery of social care e.g. social workers.

Applicants considering submitting a Stage 1 application should consider submitting an outline of their proposal for guidance before official submission. This can be done using the pre-submission form. This is non-mandatory and purely aimed at helping potential applicants to engage with the requirements of the call (e.g. eligibility and remit). For other questions, contact

Submission deadline for application is 1pm on 19 January 2022.

For more details please click here 

This session will provide information on:

  • details of the Research for Patient Benefit programme
  • views from a successful RfPB applicant
  • the application process and what funders are looking for in a submission
  • the support the NIHR Research Design Service (RDS) can provide in the preparation of your application
  • advice about Patient and Public Involvement (PPI).

Who should attend

This event is aimed at researchers in the NHS, public health and social care, as well as academics from universities across England.

Informal drop-in sessions

If you would like an initial informal chat with an RDS adviser, who will provide initial guidance and information on how the Research Design Service can help with your proposal development to RfPB, we are offering drop-in sessions after the event from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm. Please indicate on the registration form whether you would like to book a slot.


10.00 am          Welcome and introduction

Prof Fiona Lobban, Associate Director, RDS NW

10.10 am          An introduction to the RfPB programme and top tips for applying

Dr Christina Jones, RfPB panel member

10.30 am          The experience of a successful applicant to RfPB

Dr Peter Taylor, University of Manchester

10.50 am          Questions and answer session with the presenters

11.10 am          Break

11.20 am          How RDS can help you with your mental health research RfPB application

Dr Kenny Finlayson, Adviser, RDS NW

11.40 am          Importance of patient and public involvement in mental health research, including the RDS NW Public Involvement Fund and Public Involvement

Dr Hazel Morbey, Specialist Public Involvement Adviser, RDS NW

Chris Lodge, Service User Researcher, Lancaster University

12.00 noon     Questions and answer session with the presenters

12.20 pm          Summary and final questions

12.30 pm          End of session

Download a PDF of the programme here.


To attend this event, please register here.