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Community Capital in Care Homes

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Community Capital in Care Homes

Are you a care home manager? Would you be interested in taking part in a one-off (online) meeting to explore the relationships care home have with their communities? If so please get in contact.

Tuesday 11th October 2022

Community Capital in Care Homes
In a recent scoping study (funded by the SSCR NIHR) around the relationships care homes have with their communities, where I looked at the relevant literature and consulted with care home managers, researchers, third sector organisations and the CQC, I identified a need for understanding more about:
  • The types of links that exist between different communities and care homes in England and the barriers to creating long-term relationships with care homes
  • How these relationships impact care home residents and the quality of care home services
  • How to build and strengthen sustainable relationships such that care home residents are included as full members of their communities
I am preparing a proposal for further funding from the NIHR for a larger, more ambitious project around this topic.  To this end, I am assembling a group of care home managers to take part in a one-off (online) meeting to discuss the key research questions around this topic and to explore the possibilities for collaborating in the research (should the project be awarded funding).  You are welcome to join the meeting to share your thoughts without committing to a future collaboration with the project. 
It is envisioned that the meeting will last about 1 hour.  The meeting is currently planned to take place during an afternoon of the week beginning November 28th (the exact day and time is to be confirmed).
If you are interested in taking part in the meeting or would like to learn more about proposal, please contact Jacqueline Damant at