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CRED Talks: Social care and research partnerships

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CRED Talks: Social care and research partnerships

If you are interested in social care and research partnerships, you won’t want to miss this event hosted by NIHR ARC Wessex.

Monday 17th October 2022

About this event

“Social care aims to help people remain independent, retain their dignity and achieve a better quality of life. There are many challenges in delivering social care. Research has potential for enhancing these services. However, research can be perceived as disconnected from the realities of everyday practice and/ or experiences of care and support. Research with and for social care needs to answer questions that matter for people using the services or providing support and care.

In this first #CRED-TALK you will hear from social care and research partnerships supporting the use and/or production of research relevant for social care. Four partnership teams will each have 5 minutes to explain the who, what, where, why and how of their partnership and activities and there will be plenty opportunity for discussion.

We will be hearing from:

Chair: Professor Deborah Sturdy

Peter Hodkinson and Karen Spilsbury: NICHE-Leeds: A care and science partnership enhancing quality in care homes

Ann-Marie Towers and Olivia Trapp: The Kent Research Partnership: building research capacity in adult social care

Neil Chadborn: Teaching and Research in Care Homes in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Louise Marsh and Anne Chafer: Introducing research to Care Home & Home Care sectors

Date and time

Location – Online

Hosted by NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) Wessex, lead ARC for Ageing and Dementia.”