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6th Nottingham ENRICH Forum

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6th Nottingham ENRICH Forum

The 6th Nottingham ENRICH Forum took place on 22 July 2016, with the theme of “Delivering High Quality Care in Care Homes”. The Forum event was chaired by Adam Gordon, Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine of Older People, University of Nottingham. Topics included work, funded by the East Midlands Academic Health Sciences Network Patient Safety Collaborative, to benchmark and report the prevalence of common care problems in UK care homes using internationally validated measures.

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Friday 29th July 2016

Maria Zubair, Research Fellow at Royal Derby Hospital, also described the forthcoming Proactive Healthcare in Care Homes (PEACH) Study, which is funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust and explores the role of Comprehensive Geriatric Medicine in Care Homes. Using a workshop format, care home staff present discussed how they made sense of and understood comprehensive assessment in care homes and what needs to be done to make this work better. Data from this will be kept as study fieldnotes to inform the outputs of that programme of work.

Finally, Karen McEwan, Quality Improvement Matron at Nottinghamshire Healthcare and Sarah Fox, Tissue Viability Nurse, presented on “React to Red”, a highly rated training video developed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust to support improved practice around pressure area management.

The event was once again well attended with the majority of the audience being care home managers and staff. Previous presenters also attended in order to network with care homes. Excellent feedback was received.

The combination covered in the event – of research, development and education – focused around a single theme, in this case quality improvement, will be the continued format for Nottingham’s ENRICH forums going forward. A meeting in Derbyshire is planned for later in the year, extending the reach of the ENRICH network.

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