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Leeds care homes to be improved through research

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Leeds care homes to be improved through research

Lakshini Mendis

Two nursing homes in Leeds are to be the test bed for a new research programme aiming to improve the quality of life of nursing home residents.

The project is an innovative new partnership between Leeds Care Association and the University of Leeds, and it was showcased to the Lord Mayor of Leeds at a launch event on 06 September 2018.

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Monday 10th September 2018

The NICHE-Leeds (Nurturing Innovation in Care Home Excellence in Leeds) partnership will consult with people living and working in nursing homes to identify areas where research evidence could lead to improvements to the quality of life and standard of care for residents, as well as improve quality of work for staff. They will also evaluate the impact on social care, the NHS and financial costs.

The programme of work will address important clinical topics, for example nutrition and hydration, pressure care, falls, dental care; and administrative topics such as work environment and staffing. It will also consider strategies for successful translation and implementation of evidence-based innovations in nursing homes.

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