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Parkinson’s UK provides new guide for PPI in research

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Parkinson’s UK provides new guide for PPI in research

Adam Smith

Parkinson’s UK have produced new guidance encouraging researchers to involve people affected by Parkinson’s in research set-up and delivery. The aim being to produce higher quality, more relevant research, which is more likely to receive funding. This interaction is not limited to patients simply taking part – involvement requires a two-way communication, which is essential to produce the best research possible.This is why funders are increasingly asking researchers to work with patients, and the public, in the planning, design, implementation and dissemination of their research.

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Monday 1st February 2016

How do I involve the public?

Download our the new Parkinson’s UK ‘Patient and Public Involvement: Resource for Researchers‘, which covers:

  • what is Patient and Public Involvement?
  • methods of involvement, in both clinical and basic research
  • how to ensure PPI is meaningful
  • case study examples

While it is a resource developed for Parkinson’s researchers, the content has been designed so that it is applicable to other types of research.

As one of the first resources of its kind, we hope it will be shared with many research communities, and that other organisations will find it useful to develop their own guidance.

How Parkinson’s UK help?

Our Research Support Network is an online network of people affected by Parkinson’s with an interest in research that can work with you at every stage of your research.

We can support you to find people affected by Parkinson’s to involve in your research by:

How do I apply for help?

Please complete the Patient and Public Involvement request form (Word, 252KB) and return it to the research team at along with (if applicable) a copy of your:

  • required full ethical approval
  • patient information sheet and consent form
  • full protocol

We will be in touch within 5 working days to discuss how we might be able to support your research study.

Read more about how we can help in our Patient and Public Involvement support: Guidelines for researchers (PDF, 174KB)

Can I contact Parkinson’s UK local groups directly?

We ask that researchers do not approach our local groups directly but send all enquiries directly to the research team at

– See more at: