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Pan-London Education and Careers for Care Home Nurses (PEACH): Call for applications

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Pan-London Education and Careers for Care Home Nurses (PEACH): Call for applications

Lakshini Mendis

Pan-London Education and Careers for Care Home Nurses (PEACH) is an education, research, and career development pathway for care home registered nurses. There are now 25 fully-funded places available for eligble early career registered nurses working in care homes for older adults across London. Don’t miss out!

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Tuesday 17th July 2018

The aims of PEACH are as follows:
  • develop and test whether an integrated education-career coaching intervention can impact nurses’ professional development and support them to remain within this field of nursing
  • demonstrate whether nurses who participate in the pathway have improved knowledge and skills to care for older residents, and whether retention of nurses within participating care homes has improved
  • support 30 early career nurses working in care homes for older adults across London to help develop their professional knowledge, competencies, and careers in this field
There are currently 25 full-funded places for nominated Registered Nurses as students of King’s College London to undertake a Masters level module ‘Fundamental Knowledge and Skills in Older Persons’ Care’. To be eligible, you must be an early careers nurse, within 5-6 years of registration, and have a minimum education level of a Bachelors or equivalent. Further, you will also have to hold a current substantive post in a care home for older adults (with a minimum of 12 months’ experience in this area) and be nominated by the Lead Nurse/Line Manager.
Nominated nurses will have to commit to six study days. Study days commence in October and will be held once a month on a Wednesday, from 9am to 5pm, at King’s College London, Waterloo Campus. Please note that additional study time will be required.
The organisations to which the nurse(s) are affiliated will have to commit to identifying clinical learning opportunities to support the nominated nurse(s) to achieve their specific objectives, map nurse career pathways within the organisation, be willing to share workforce data, and engage in opportunities to share good practice.
If you are interested, you should discuss PEACH with your line manager, who will have to nominate you. Nominations should be sent to: (Nomination Deadline: Monday 27th July 2018).
The PEACH team will then contact you directly to invite you to apply for the programme via the King’s College London application portal (Application Deadline: Monday 13th August 2018).
If you have any further questions about PEACH, please contact Bernadette Khoshaba (email:; tel: 020 7848 4649), the PEACH Study Project Coordinator.