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PREVENTing Alzheimer’s Disease

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PREVENTing Alzheimer’s Disease

Zara Qadir, DeNDRoN Communications

The Clinical Research Network: Dementias & neurodegeneration (DeNDRoN) are supporting PREVENT, ?

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Friday 19th September 2014

The Clinical Research Network: Dementias & neurodegeneration (DeNDRoN) are supporting PREVENT, – a study funded by the Alzheimer’s Society, which is working towards understanding the early mid-life risk factors that could lead to dementia, with a further aim of recommending an intervention (for example drugs, specific diets or cognitive training) to prevent the condition occurring in later life.

The PREVENT clinical study, is currently being led by Dr Craig Ritchie at Imperial College London, as part of an international multi-disciplinary collaboration.

One of the main aims of the study is to identify the earliest signs of changes in the brain whilst people are still in good health.

Last week, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) published a report showing that dementia risk can be modified through changes to lifestyle. It is also becoming increasingly clear that many of the changes in the brain that lead to dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, could start decades before the first symptoms develop (as young as 40 or earlier).

The Network has, to date helped to recruit 62 people towards a target of 100 people.

The study aims to explore the differences in the brain and cognitive function in mid-life (40 to 59 years old) and observe these individuals over time to examine through various tests and direct imaging how the brain’s structure and function changes. The researchers are also examining the environmental risk factors associated with these changes by looking at people’s lifestyles.

The study is currently recruiting at the West London Cognitive Disorders Treatment and Research Unit West London Mental Health Trust.


This video shows a participant in the study, Cate Latto. She explains why she decided to take part, what the study involved and why she thinks it’s important to take part and contribute to dementia research in general.

PREVENT is just one of the first studies available on ‘Join dementia research, –  a service currently being piloted in the North London area, Essex, Hertfordshire and Luton, where you can now register your interest in taking part in studies, and contribute to the fight against dementia. By signing up, you can see what studies you could take part in.