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Research Priority Setting in Care Homes – Research Development Workshop

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Research Priority Setting in Care Homes – Research Development Workshop

Adam Smith

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Monday 4th July 2016



Aim: By the end of the workshop, delegates will establish research development groups for research in care homes to turn into grant applications
Places avalable, no charge to attaned.

Date: 15 July 2016

Venue: Future Inn, Hemmingway Road, Cardiff CF10 4AU

Organisers: The Centre for Trials Research and PRIME Centre Wales

Delegates should be:

  • Either currently actively involved in or willing to develop research ideas in the focus areas
  • Wales-based researchers
  • Researchers with an interest in this area who want to find collaborators, either by pitching an idea or joining forces with some fellow researchers with similar interests
  • Willing to select at least one area of interest upon registration

Please note: this will be a very active day with the emphasis on delegates getting actively involved in formulating research questions, rather than being a passive information sharing session

Structure of the day:

  • In the morning, up to 15 delegates will pitch ideas for 2 minutes each. There will be support in advance to guide them on how to present.
  • There are 15 priority research ideas to choose from.
  • Afterwards, presenters will form groups and delegates can take time throughout the day to go round and discuss ideas of interest.
  • Tea and coffee and food will be available throughout the day.

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