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South West Research Ready Care Home Network grows with NHS support

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South West Research Ready Care Home Network grows with NHS support

Claire Hamlet

South West are pleased to announce that they have rolled out ENRICH to the first NHS trust in the region

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Friday 4th April 2014

On 3 March 2014 2gether NHS Foundation Trust  and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust received training on how to deliver the ENRICH project – expanding the range of the local Research Ready Care Home Network.

The training was based upon the success of the pilot phase of the project, which saw 21 care homes signed up over a three month period. Part of the success can be attributed to the hard work that went into creating standardised letters and materials to ensure a consistent approach to the delivery of ENRICH.

At the training the Trust received a Master File containing over 40 documents, including a Standard Operating Procedure and standardised letters. These documents have also been made available through a secure page on the SW DeNDRoN website for downloading and printing.

Genevieve Riley, Senior Clinical Studies Officer/Research Manager at 2gether NHS Foundation Trust says:

“This is a really exciting time for us to implement the ENRICH project after hearing about the success of SW DeNDRoN’s pilot phase. Receiving training on how to deliver the project and having access to the materials that were developed will aid us a great deal in getting ENRICH up and running in our area. We are looking forward to increasing access to research for residents in care homes”.

Once finalised, SW DeNDRoN have kindly agreed to make these materials available to other regions who feel they would like to take a similar approach.  Sharing good practice is key in being part of the NIHR clinical research network and all regions are encouraged to share any best practice that can positively impact on the ENRICH project.

With so many new #carehome research studies being funded in dementia, stroke, end of life care etc. there is a real opportunity for care homes to become more involved, and support new studies. Care home managers and owners in the region are encouraged to register through the join up page on this website.