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Stroke Association launches website ‘my stroke guide’

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Stroke Association launches website ‘my stroke guide’

Kristina Barrick, My Stroke Guide Business Manager at the Stroke Association

When you come out of hospital after a stroke, the world can seem a very different place.  The Stroke Association Struggling to Recover report revealed that 74% of stroke survivors left hospital feeling isolated; 73% lack confidence and 63% live in fear of another stroke.

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Monday 29th September 2014

Many stroke survivors embrace online tools to help them make sense of their new situation. Tablets are particularly popular as they are portable but desk top computers and phones are also lifelines for many patients seeking information, advice and services that might help. What has been missing, until now, was an interactive website specifically designed to support to stroke survivors as they recover. We wanted to change that so we built ‘My Stroke Guide’.

‘My Stroke Guide’ is a website that you can personalise to suit your needs and manage your health after a stroke. When you log on you can tailor information and track your progress towards specific recovery goals you’ve chosen to set yourself. The resources include:

  • videos of stroke survivors offering advice from their experiences
  • information guides and games
  • interactive message boards
  • expert recommendations from stroke therapists

Colin Searle image (cooking) - JPEGColin Searle had his stroke in 2013, as an active 64 year old it seemed to come out of the blue. He was paralysed on his right side and had to relearn how to do basic tasks. That coupled with memory problems and fatigue meant it was not easy to cope.

Colin knew cooking would allow him greater independence. Through trial and error he found tools and strategies that helped him prepare food safely and he wanted to share his new skills with fellow stroke survivors. Now Colin is a ‘My Stroke Guide’ champion, he’s helped shape the development of the site and made a film sharing his culinary skills and tips on eating healthily.

He explained why he’d wanted to get involved:  ‚Äú’My Stroke Guide’ would have been so useful when I had my stroke.  It was a total shock and I had so many questions, but the site brings together valuable information in one place. I particularly wanted to cook again and it was a challenge but I’ve got there, and I’ve made a film for ‘My Stroke Guide’ to share what I know and help other stroke survivors in the same position. ‘My Stroke Guide’ is a fantastic resource that will help a lot of people.‚Äù

Over half of the 1.2m stroke survivors in the UK have a disability and one third rely on others for their daily needs. It can leave each survivor with very different long term effects. The site covers physical effects like managing blood pressure or pain, emotional support and practical topics like getting benefits and driving.

My Stroke Guide screenshot

My Stroke Guide screenshot

‘My Stroke Guide’ will be available to stroke survivors through the Stroke Association’s commissioned ‘Life After Stroke’ services so that everyone using the site can be supported by Stroke Association staff.  It is early days yet, but so far feedback has been incredibly positive, we are really excited to reach more stroke survivors and support them in a new way. If you would like to find out more email or visit

Video – Introduction to My Stroke Guide

Example of video on My Stroke Guide – information on getting adaptations to your car after a stroke.