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Interested in sustainability in health and social care?

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Interested in sustainability in health and social care?

Lakshini Mendis

Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network, an online international network for people working in health and social care, is pleased to announce the creation of a new sub-group for members with an interest in sustainability in health and social care.  The new sub-group is initiated and facilitated by Dr Terry Kemple (Past President RCGP and current RCGP representative for sustainability, climate change and green issues).

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Wednesday 14th November 2018

Dr Kemple shared that “There is increasing awareness of the need for sustainability but often uncertainty about who is responsible for taking action, what to do and how to do it.”

CHAIN use the NHS England (NHSE) and Public Health England’s (PHE) Sustainable Development Unit’s (SDU) definition of sustainability:
A sustainable health and care system is achieved by delivering high quality care and improved public health without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage. 
It may also be useful to think about the relationship between sustainability and health in three distinct ways moving from a narrow focus to a broad focus.

This is explained further on the SDU website

This subgroup provides the following:

  • A searchable online directory of members with interests in sustainability, climate change and green issues.
  • A community for mutual support with the facility to post questions or seek advice from a rich and diverse pool of members’ experience
  • Information to raise awareness about relevant resources, activities and opportunities

If you have suggestions for improvements or want to co-facilitate to represent your professional group please contact Terry Kemple at:

Please also pass on this message to any colleagues to whom this may be of interest regardless of whether they are already CHAIN members… if they are not yet in the network they would be most welcome and can join the new sub-group easily via the website: