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The West Midlands has been ENRICHED

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The West Midlands has been ENRICHED

Sandra Prew

12 months ago an ENRICH Coordinator was appointed for 0.2 WTE  to support the roll out of ENRICH across the West Midlands.

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Wednesday 9th December 2015

CRN West Midlands is the second largest Network with a population of 5.7  million (the size of Denmark) which houses over 800 care homes.

Since then we have gone on to appoint 3 ENRICH facilitators (  0.6 WTE) to cover our vast geography which ranges from Stoke to Hereford Oswestry to Burton.

We have an established ENRICH steering group forging collaborations with AHSN/HEI/Network /Trust and Care home representatives.

We have capped our care home recruitment at 85  to enable us to establish what meaningful engagement looks like with these care home in the absence of any research being available for them to participate in.

We are planning a celebration event in March 2016.