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You can ‘Join dementia research’

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You can ‘Join dementia research’

Adam Smith

‘Join dementia research’ is a national service that offers you the chance to register your interest in taking part in dementia research, find suitable studies in your area, and let researchers know that you might be interested in taking part in their research.

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Monday 23rd February 2015

The service’s development is being funded by the Department of Health and it will be delivered in a partnership witJoin dementia researchh the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

People with dementia, their carers and anyone interested in participating in dementia research can register on to the service either online (, by post or via a telephone helpline provided by the charity partners.

To register, all you need to provide is some basic contact and health information which will allow people to be broadly matched to suitable studies. Researchers wishing to use the service for recruitment and feasibility will be able to create studies, screen and approach suitable, matched volunteers.

If you are in the pilot are and are interested in promoting the service, please email

The service is providing a range of materials, which can be ordered for free at

For further information, email and or follow us on twitter at @beatdementia.

Key objectives of ‘Join dementia research’:

• To increase the number of people with dementia and their carers getting involved in dementia research.

‚Ä¢ To contribute to achieving the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge ambition for 10% of dementia patients to be involved in research.

• To increase the co-ordination, speed and efficiency of the NIHR Clinical Research Network to recruit volunteers into dementia research studies.

Find out more about the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia.

 Further information:

‚Ä¢ ‘Join dementia research’ is being piloted in the CRN: North Thames during the Summer and Autumn of 2014, and will be rolled out across the rest of the country by the end of 2014.

‚Ä¢ The new service will be promoted to potential volunteers in the NHS, as a normal aspect of any dementia care pathway or service which cares for older people with dementia, and its use enables compliance with the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Memory Services National Accreditation Programme (MSNAP) research standards.

• The service will also be promoted to the wider population and general public working with charity partners.

• Eligible researchers will be able to register for an account and use the system to establish whether their research proposal is feasible, based on the number of potentially suitable volunteers registered.

• Researchers wishing to use the service for recruitment will be required to provide information to enable matching and information appropriate for sharing with volunteers.

‚Ä¢ The service has been developed in a partnership between the NIHR CRN, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, with advice from the Health Research Authority (HRA).

‚Ä¢ The ‘Join dementia research’ service is held in a safe and secure database. Please address questions to

For updates and new visit –