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NIHR – How to apply public involvement effectively to your research application  

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NIHR – How to apply public involvement effectively to your research application  

Find out how to incorporate public involvement successfully into your research, and hear insights from a researcher and public involvement representative, at our webinar on 6 July 2022. This will cover NIHR’s definition of public involvement, guidance on co-producing a research project, what NIHR is looking for in public involvement, and more. Registration required.

Wednesday 15th June 2022

How to apply Public Involvement Effectively to your Research Application
“An integral part of research that is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) is to ensure that patients, carers, service users and the public have the opportunity to shape and influence the relevance, quality and impact of our health and care research.

This 75-minute webinar is aimed at researchers applying for NIHR Fellowship Awards and staff accountable for public involvement.

The webinar will cover:

* NIHR’s definition of public involvement
* UK Standards for Public Involvement in Research
* Guidance on co-producing a research project
* The support Research Design Service (RDS) provides for researchers in regards to public involvement
* What NIHR is looking for in the public involvement section of the researcher’s application
* Payment and recognition for public involvement.

By attending this webinar you will discover:

* How to incorporate your public involvement programme successfully to your research
* Insights from a fellow researcher and public involvement representative that you can apply to your programme of work.

The webinar will be facilitated by Linda Onerhime-Prince, PPI Manager, NIHR Academy and Steve Blackburn, PPI Lead at the RDS West Midlands and chair of the National RDS Public Involvement Community.

They will be joined by an NIHR researcher and public involvement representative who will share real life examples of the importance of public involvement in research and how to apply public involvement effectively.”

Date: July  6, 2022   Time: 01:30 BST

Registration required