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NIHR SSCR’s latest Methods Review – Recruiting participants for adult social care studies: challenges and mitigating strategies

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NIHR SSCR’s latest Methods Review – Recruiting participants for adult social care studies: challenges and mitigating strategies

Greater investment in research capacity-building, provision of research support costs, improving recruitment and participation methods, and increasing public engagement and awareness are among the recommendations to support recruitment into adult social care studies from NIHR SSCR’s latest Methods Review.

Tuesday 18th August 2020

New research carried out by Dr Eva Cyhlarova, Dr Michael Clark and Professor Martin Knapp from the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the LSE identify key barriers highlighting the variation and changing nature of the social care sector in England,  with many providers lacking capacity for research participation.

“The Review explored challenges in recruiting organisations and individuals for adult social care research and identified possible strategies to address them from the perspective of social care. Some of the recommendations set out by the Review – such as investment in research capacity-building and providing research support costs to organisations – may help.

Challenges for researchers included the need to adjust recruitment strategies because of the variation among provider organisations and as a result of the rapidly changing nature of care delivery in England. Interviewees also identified a lack of understanding of research benefit and organisations’ gatekeeping arrangements as common difficulties.

The seventeen senior social care researchers interviewed about their experiences also recommended: ensuring effective involvement throughout studies; building partnerships with individuals, groups and organisations; and offering financial and other incentives to organisations for their participation. Using a variety of recruitment strategies and offering a range of participation routes were also suggested.

The Review recognised the growing investment in recent years in developing capacity in adult social care research and highlighted the need for further investment if the sector is to respond to the rising need for robust research evidence to help improve policy, practice and outcomes.

Professor Martin Knapp, Director of NIHR SSCR, said:

Recruitment into research studies can be very difficult, and social care researchers have often struggled. In this Review we have tried to identify the main challenges, and what solutions other researchers have suggested. It is now important for research funders and researchers to explore these recommendations to support adult social care research. It would be great to hear from organisations and individuals on their experiences of recruitment (or not) into studies.”

For access to the full report click here