Getting care homes involved in research

The NIHR Clinical Research Network is strengthening ties with care homes, through the Research Ready Care Home Network. This work has opened up new research opportunities and is helping to ensure that residents, staff and families have increased access and opportunity to participate in research.

In practical terms we are bringing together researchers, residents, family members and carers, and care home staff to form working in partnerships to ensure that information on research opportunities are shared and that valuable input is provided from all members of the partnership. The overall benefits are designed to be that:

  • Residents have more opportunities to become involved in research.
  • Researchers have improved access to suitable volunteers.
  • Care home staff is able to better care for, and support residents.
  • Families and friends may feel guilty or useless when their loved one is placed in a care home. Taking part in research which is designed to improve quality of life in that care home is likely to give them a new sense of purpose.

If you would like your care home to become involved, ask them to contact the ENRICH Project Team or visit the Research Ready Care Home Network pages on this site.

Download a leaflet for your care home