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Royal Mint Museum Reminiscence Box

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Royal Mint Museum Reminiscence Box

There has been much research completed in the area of reminiscence therapy – The Royal Mint Museum is a registered charity and an accredited museum are offering care homes boxes that are free to loan and are used for reminiscence purposes.

Tuesday 6th June 2023

“The Royal Mint Museum is a registered charity and an accredited museum based on the Royal Mint site in Llantrisant, South Wales. In 2021, we began offering free-to-loan reminiscence boxes to care homes across the UK. The interactive sessions are centred around an electronic box and a collection of objects. The objects are fitted with a special micro-chip which, when placed on the box, play audio clips to foster memories and conversations about times gone by.

We’ve launched a brand new collection of ten objects all about the Royal Mint! The box contains interesting information about the history and work of the Mint, but the main purpose is to encourage residents and staff to reminisce about a variety of topics from their own lives such as holidays, hobbies and jobs. A Toughbook laptop, kindly donated by Panasonic, is included with every loan.

The boxes are completely free to loan and we cover all transportation costs. The loan period is 20 days, which includes delivery time to the home. The FAQs are available here:

You are more than welcome to pass this information to any care homes or care settings that you feel it will benefit.

Any enquiries or applications can be sent to this email address:”