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There are many ways people working in care homes can be involved with research. By supporting research you can help improve the quality of life for residents and other people living with dementia or other illnesses. Supporting research can range from distributing information about research to helping conduct studies.

This toolkit provides a simple overview of the different types of research, the different ways a care home team can be involved, and what this means in practice. It also provides guidance on how to become involved with research, and how to prepare for it.


These case studies illustrate both the short-term and long-term benefits to care homes, and help staff to understand what is involved. Written by care home staff and researchers they provide real life examples of the challenges and lessons learned by these individuals involved in research.

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“Research is a good idea. Anything looking into dementia is important to patients, staff carers and family, as it gives insight and lets them know what work is being done to change and improve dementia care; giving them hope.”

Sharon Osborne, Care Home Manager

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